• DC Direct Current Gleichstrom
  • AC Alternate Current Wechselstrom

Ohm's law Ohmsches Gesetz

  • R = U/I U = R*I I = U/R
  • R - Resistance, Widerstand Ohm
  • U - Voltage, Spannung V
  • I - Amperage, Stromstärke A

Capacitor/Condensor, Kondensator

  • used to store energy electrostatically in an electric field
  • Speichern von elektrischer Ladung und damit zusammenhängender Energie

Electrolytic Capacitor, Elektrolyt-Kondensator

  • same function as the usual capacitor, only use with DC
  • Anode and Kathode → polarised
  • F - Farad - electric capacity, elektrische Kapazität
  • Müh - micro, mikro
  • 0,01MühF (103)
  • 1 MühF
  • 4,7 MühF
  • 47 MühF
  • 220 MühF

Resistors and ist color Codes, Widerstände und ihre Farbcodes

  • brown black red 1 K Ohm
  • brown black orange 10 K Ohm
  • brown black yellow 100 K Ohm
  • brown black green 1 M Ohm

LEDLight-emitting diode

LEDLight-emitting diode - Light Emitting Diode ↔ (regular) Diode
-always connected to a resistor as it does not need
as much current as the other parts of a circle
→ resistor with 1 K Ohm (brown black red)

Examples for components of a circuit

Battery Potentiometer LED Resistor.JPG
Wire.JPG E capacitator.JPG 555.JPG TIP.JPG
Motor.JPG Relay.JPG Terminal.JPG

From left to right: Battery, Potentiometer, LEDLight-emitting diode, Capacitor, Cable, Electrolytic Capacitor, 555-Timer, TIP 122, Motor, Double Pole-Double Throw-Relay, Terminal

Momentary Switch
Momswitch1.JPG Momswitch2.JPG Momswitch3.JPG

Double Pole Double Throw
Motorbackforth1.JPG Motorbackforth2.JPG

  • Double Pole Double Throw DPDT, Single Pole Single Throw SPST, Single Pole Double Throw SPDT

two different circuits

  • daisy chain - Reihenschaltung
  • parallel chain - Parallelschaltung

astable and monostable, 555

  • ASTABLE turns on and off constantly, square wave like
  • MONOSTABLE trigger, decide when on or off

monostable, momentary switch, trigger LEDLight-emitting diode by connecting wires

astable, determine motor direction by using the double pole double throw-relay