GMU:Devices of Perception/Khaldoun Alhanawi

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Phase I

Learning process, getting to know electronics and basic concepts about electric circuits
the logic, and how to draw them.

First.jpg Second.jpg Third.jpg
Forth.jpg Fifth.jpg Sixth.jpg
Bread boards, resistors, capacitors, relays, switches, 555 Timer ..etc

Phase II

Designing an experiment, using the concepts of either:
  • Variable resistance
  • Trigger Switch

Exp1.jpg Exp2.jpg Exp3.jpg
When using liquid -water- as a conductor, and having poles connected to the circuit fixed in the
liquid pool, the change of the liquid level results in change of resistance.
Exp4.jpg Exp5.jpg Alive1.jpg
Switching from the a motor mechanical way of changing the water level, to a more natural way.
using the force of air blowing, breathing, to change the water levels as shown in the sketch.
and thus changing the resistance!
Alive2.jpg Alive3.jpg Add1.jpg

Phase III

Developing the initial experiment
2sketch1.jpg 2sketch2.jpg 2in1.jpg