GMU:Devices of Perception

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Lecturer: Darsha Hewitt
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Date: Wednesday, 17:00 bis 20:30
Venue: Marienstraße 5, Room 204
First meeting: 16 April, 2014

Please sign up for this course with Melanie Birnschein at the Secretary's Office until April 12th.

In addition please send a short application email to Darsha Hewitt (darsha [ät] to outline your expectations for this course.


Im Kurs wird die Geschichte von Apparaten zur Wahrnehmung erläutert. Die Kursteilnehmer werden angeleitet, selbst neue visuelle und auditive Eindrücke mittels Apparaturen zu entwerfen. Kurssprache ist Englisch.


This course explores devices and machines for visual and acoustic perception. Participants will build a machine supporting their perception and develop tools to communicate their ideas. It emphasizes a bottom-up approach to electronic systems through experimentation, deconstruction and reverse-engineering of common-place technology.

Some of the topics, themes and methods we will look at include: Do-it-yourself electronics, electromechanical systems, beauti-tronics, speculative technologies, experimental hardware, structures for cyborging, art-making robots, baumarkt aesthetics

Please Note: - There is a 10 euro material fee for this class - This course will be taught in English


Fertigstellung eines Objektes, eines Apparats/Geräts, einer Performance

Eligible participants



These are recommendations - they are not required reading for the class!

  • Alexander, Gary and Aidan Lawrence Onn "Cabaret Mechanical Movement: Mechanisms and How to Make Automata and Mechanical Sculpture"
  • Berlin, Howard M. "CMOS Cookbook 2nd Edition"
  • Friedrichs, H.P. "The Voice of The Crystal"
  • Friedrichs, H.P. "Instruments of Amplification"
  • Friedrichs, H.P. "Marvellous Magnetic Machines"
  • Gertz, Emily and Justin Di Justo "DIY Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino"
  • Glover, Thomas J "Pocket Reference - 4th Edition"
  • Horn, Delton "How to Test Almost Everything Electronic"
  • Margolis, Michael "Arduino Cookbook 2nd Edition"
  • McComb Gordon "Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition"
  • Mims, Forrest M. III "Getting Started in Electronics"
  • Mims, Forrest M. III  "Volume I: Timer, Op Amp, and Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects"
  • Mims, Forrest M. III  "Volume II: Science and Communication Circuits & Projects"
  • Mims, Forrest M. III  "Volume III: Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects"
  • Mims, Forrest M. III  "Volume IV: Electronic Formulas, Symbols & Circuits"
  • Monk, Simon "Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists"
  • Nicholas Collins "Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking"
  • Platt Charles "Make: Electronics"
  • Williams Elliot "Make: AVR Programming"