440px-Hugo Ball Cabaret Voltaire.jpg

Hugo Ball at the Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, 1916

photographer unknown


My patch is called Moses, it composes haiku poetry, or rather, recomposes the lines of poetry that are available to it in response to an image.

The images used are all sourced from the internet and have no known photographer. In selecting these images I am interested in the idea of a deficient human element. Found images can sometimes feel personal to us and the narrative elements reveal themselves quickly. At the same time, an everyday or observed feeling reminds us that we can detach ourselves from them and their subjects quite readily.

The text being used is sourced from Japanese haiku poetry, translated into English. The poets include Buson (1715-1783), Basho (1644-1694), and Buson (1715-1783) and other major poets to make use of the Haiku.

Traditionally, the Haiku presents a contrast or a 'cutting' aspect, including the juxtaposiition of text and image.




1407 girl024 med.jpg

Comical Dutch script

Flip-flapping across the sky

In this windy nest


Student woodworking class.jpg

On the death of his child

And dry my dreaming but still ...

Insatiable fleas



Women planting rice

Drawn up from my frozen well ...

Weird hollow echo


Unknown diver.jpg

Issa stepchild bird

Dew evaporates and all our world is dew ...

Black cloudbank broken



But their ancient song

Flip-flapping across the sky

Wild geese write a line



The songs of froglings

Our old scarecrow topples down

In silent midnight


Girl 1943.jpg

White they meet

Scatters in the night ... now see

Black cloudbank broken