Documentation from experiments made in the class in order to learn how to cultivate, insolate and known the rules and process of work inside the laboratory

The blog is divided into chapters that show the different knowledge and experiments that were developed during the course.


The idea is to create an installation where people can see the traces and the movement of the specimen physarum polycephalum. I inspired myself in the installation of Leandro Erlich's Single Cloud Collection. (that can be seen below). The project consists of three layers where the specimen is going to grow from three different points and describe a shape of its movement toward the food that will be specifically situated in different points of each of the acrylic surfaces of the installation.

The project idea is to have 2 layers were the physarum polycephalum can grow from different opposite corners. The food will be placed on top of a square surface in different shapes so the specimen can move to it and describe different patrons while it moves. Through this movement, the specimen leave a white almost invisible patron that can be seen over a black surface, this patron will create a contrast with the living specimen of white color that will be moving across the surface.

/Project: Specimen Physarum Polycephalum.

/Related organisms

/23.10.2018 First Farming Specimens - Polycephalum/physarum

/20.11.2018 Growing Polycephalum/physarum from Caicedos investigation

Project idea 2

The first approximation is to recreated and find a method in order to cultivate a microorganism with a coral shape.

The project idea is to experiment with the kombucha isolation method made before, in order to duplicate the results obtained with the coral shaped organism so I can replicate and create a method to extract/isolate this specific organism.


/Final guide

/30.10.2018 Separation of one specimen - kombucha

Further experiments

/16.10.2018 Introduction

/06.11.2018a Growing Mycelium

/06.11.2018b Capturing electric potentials in organic matter

/18.12.2018 "Observation of specimens under the microscope"

/22.01.2019 "Gelelectrophoresis"