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Final Project

In the last weeks I sometimes encountered a strong feeling of being “unbreakable“. But I questioned this kind of narrow minded view knowing that emotions do not go linear, neither down nor up. With this experience I tried displaying this hyped feeling of being inspired, full of power and hopeful for what will come and already is. I mainly picked my favorite assets and tools like particle systems and reflective surfaces “going bling-bling“ while listening to one of my favorite songs: “My O My“ by Cospe.

Video of the experience:

Download and try it out for yourself. (proper graphics card suggested)

1. Patternroom
I got the idea of huge sceens from a video by Jonas Tyroller (link: and combined it with particle systems. That way I created a room generating random patterns the player could experience and impact by walking around the middle of the screen.

Unbreakable Screenshot 1.jpg Unbreakable Screenshot 2.jpg

2. Water Desert
The second area was inspired by a hovering pyramid I saw on a Unity thumbnail. I was triggered by the idea of a dry pyramid hovering above water in a tropical scene. As I was able to make the water so reflective I decided there would need to be happening more in the frame. So I added a particle system with planes rising from the water.

Unbreakable Screenshot 6.jpg Unbreakable Screenshot 7.jpg

3. Cloud 7
For this I wanted to arrange things in reverse compared to Water Desert. Not dry hovering above wet but the other way around. So I took a low poly cloud suiting the astronaut and made him row the clouds instead, while the rain was pouring from underneath him.

Unbreakable Screenshot 3.jpg Unbreakable Screenshot 4.jpg

4. Laptop Life (Bonus)
For this bonus I was planing on making a reflective futuristic city area with things arranged in reverse again. As I realized this would more so be for an other project I settled on a big laptop displaying everything the player has been experiencing from an appealing perspective. Taking him back into the first reality.

Unbreakable Screenshot 5.jpg Unbreakable Screenshot 8.jpg

The video of the experience was recorded via the Unity recorder using consistent framerate and a higher resolution. Because that way everything can be displayed at its highest quality without droping frames, I also bumped up the Texture-, Hight Map- and Screen Resolution leading to a more impressive viewing experience. Then I edited the video to show a full gameplay as well as some of the nicest patterns generated.

First Idea

In this project I transfered food related film scenes from "Home Alone" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" into a more dreamy world. It's one the first projects I created with Unity.

Video of the experience:

Forder Unity Project Screenshot 2.jpg Forder Unity Project Screenshot 5.jpg

Forder Unity Project Screenshot 1.jpg Forder Unity Project Screenshot 3.jpg

Ordering food can be quite annoying.