GMU:Critical VR Lab I - Unity Introduction/Christian Dähne

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Musicvideo/Game: Domino-Theory
The intention is designing a musicvideo (a downloadable application respectively) complementing the composition Domino-Theory (chromatic kalimba, electric bass, electric guitar, drums) which I wrote for my band H. C. BEHRENDTSEN.

You can listen to the rough-mix here:

Current status of video/game/application:

Conceptual thoughts (yet to accomplish): Both video and composition share a somewhat minimalist approach by focusing on a small selection of objects (musical patterns vs. PreFabs), and principles of construction (overlapping of musical patterns, EscalatorPro-Script). The desired aural and visual effect is the perception of an (almost) constantly changing/non-repetitive aggregate which gets established by the presentation of evermore newly combined overlaps of familiar objetcs.