Concept: „Virtual reality (VR) experiences are becoming ever more immersive. Smell has a tremendous potential for AR and VR applications, as it addresses our emotions so directly. „ I plan on synthesising smell for VR—- to combine different senses(Sight and smell) together. Reference:


„Thanks to the structure of the human brain, scent is incredibly evocative. Your olfactory cortex–the part of the brain that processes smell–is part of the the same system that stores your emotions and memories. This is why catching a whiff of certain aromas–perfume, for example–can trigger very specific memories.“

I will build a future scene in which everything is gone. (In 2050,Large-scale air domes have been extracted over in many of the world’s most prominent cities, to build some safe havens for some people.) While building the VR environment, I will also create a helmet-shaped prototype in another fach course. The goal is to create an immersive experience. People can remind the memories through the smell in a virtual environment. The smell will be integrated in the helmet. It will trigger different smells according to the location and direction.

Technical list: Environment: ( photogrammetry or 360 camera or modelling…) Sound: pure data Triggers: connect Arduino with unity, send message from unity to Arduino, trigger different smells. Moving platform: people should move in the virtual environment. Style: inside the dome: ecological. Outside the dome: cyberpunk.