Unity experiment Documentation 03.07.2020

Concept and what have I done till now in this Semester

In the previous weeks I spent time developing the concept of what I want to do in this semester and trying out some different visualization methods in Unity randomly. To be honest, I feel like I am having a really chaotic situation during this time, and feeling quite lost by those overwhelming confusions. So I just want to visualize those confusion in this work. Purposes are trying different things out and learning while experimenting and most important thing for me is maybe to find out what really caused me to be confused. I think it's meaningful for me to spend time on these thoughts and just develop and remember them by making those feelings visible in works.

So to Visualize these emotions I built a model with an organic form and texture it with an installation I build 3 weeks ago, which is made by sugar, covered with neon colors and lighted with UV light. Why Organic form? I did it because i am kind of fascinated with these kind of shapes and I started doing everything in this scene based on my instincts and feelings. I personally look forward to what this work is going to be in the end.


what i did in this scene is really basic. There are some capsule shapes placed in the scene, which can trigger the animations of the models and the movements of lights.

The original idea:

My original thought on this work was building this installation in Cube and film it with the 360 degree camera and use it as a Video Texture or Skybox. But since this idea didn't work out, cause the Sugar Installation was extremely fragile and unstable. the result was not as good as my expectation . So Instead of a video, I use the 2D imagine as the texture on it.

What I want to do in the following weeks(?)/ months(?):

(I) 2 more scenes building:

to make this work and the ideas more completed, I actually plan to build 2 more scenes. Scenes will be switched when the triggers in the main scene are achieved. which can be switched more Triggers in the main scene I will build more scenes and try out more animation to give

(II) Pure Data:

For now, the sounds are added additionally in post-production. I will focus on learning PD1. Public Domain 2. in the context of the university PD sometimes stands for Product Design 3. Police Department and connect PD1. Public Domain 2. in the context of the university PD sometimes stands for Product Design 3. Police Department to the Unity/ using libpd wrapper.

(III) using 360 degree video:

since i have the 360 Camera with me, I am making some footages with it and will see if I can use them in this work or not.

(IIII) more models in organic forms maybe(?)

since i didn't really have clear structure or plan about what I want to do in this Corona Semester. I basically just want to visualize my emotions during corona pandemic. All the chaos in my brain and all the messy situation around the world..

螢幕快照 2020-07-03 下午4.53.33.png

螢幕快照 2020-07-03 下午4.54.53.png