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map and scenes design
map and scenes design
'''Animation design'''
'''Animation design with C4D'''
'''Try adding some sound effects
'''C4D Learning'''
'''C4D Learning'''

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video File:fruitsgirl.mkv


I want to make a relaxing game, the operation does not need to be complicated, the plot does not need too much logic, probably the protagonist uses a samurai sword to cut things in an unreal world, and the object to be cut can be fruit, candy (or a doll with the name of the ex-boyfriend and the name of a nasty boss). You can get gold coins(or something else)for everything you cut. Gold coins can be exchanged for cooler equipment, special effects, and new maps. In short, the purpose of this game is to release the various pressures of people.

During this long introductory process of Unity, I studied modeling, pasting materials, lighting, cameras, and writing scripts. Because I have no experience, every part has many problems to be solved. E.g Modeling: Blender or C4D will be more convenient, Animation: Use Unity's own Animator to solve it or with other software (for this reason, I re-downloaded unity2019, because it comes with Animation rigging, I can experience a more convenient Inverse Kinematics design), or self-study C# to try to write a script.

2020-06-24 (1) WPS图片.png

This is a script I use to control the random popping of fruit. (Imitated Fruit Ninja)

Personal summary, although now I only work the basic operations, if I want to make a complete game Demo, the part of writing scripts is much harder than doing art design.


Refine art design and through modeling practice

character designs object design map and scenes design

Animation design with C4D

11/10/2020 C4D Learning

File:UFO C4D Animation.mp4

2020-10-11 (1).png

2020-10-11 (2).png