Connecting the Physical and the Virtual

Group Work

In the final part of the course we developed a group work for the Alte Staatsbank.
Read more about it on the microbank64 page.

What we have done

List of things we did, to make it work.

  • got a small working room in the alte Staatsbank, where we can develop our artwork
  • took pictures of the posters that outline the history of the Alte Staatsbank.
    Check your Emails.
  • did experiments with the bullet proof Panzerglas
  • drew customers, bank peoples, a robber and a security guy
  • figured out how to set up the whole logic gate structure on paper
  • prototyped mechanical switches for the lamps and investigated their wiring
  • drew the dollhouse, pencil and digital version
  • produced 80 pulley wheels
  • decided for which signal refers to which room and which person
  • asked if we can use the original 6 bit light system
  • asked how the 6 bit light system worked in context
  • finish the textile computing module
  • created a processing framework to run the dollhouse
  • create Drawings for the dollhouse
  • created an arduino sketch to communicate between 6 bits of light and the dollhouse
  • ordered electronics and mechanical parts for pulleys
  • constructed a (safe) mechanism that allows peoples to interact with the structure
  • created characters and sprite sheets
  • adjusted the aesthetics + size of microbank and characters