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* [http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Kumihimo-Disk-Out-of-a-CD/ How to make a Kumihimo Disk out of a CD] (braiding)
* [http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Kumihimo-Disk-Out-of-a-CD/ How to make a Kumihimo Disk out of a CD] (braiding)
== Knots and Splices ==
== Knots and Splices ==
=== Classification ===
=== History of Knots ===
=== Knot Theory ===
=== Links ===
=== Links ===
==== How are threads made? ====
==== How are threads made? ====

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Computing with Thread: Part I

Thread Geometry

We explored what kind of geometric constructions we can do with thread, chalk and the help of several people...

We found out...

  • how to draw a line
  • how to draw a circle ( d = const.)
  • how to draw an ellipse ( a + b = const.)
  • how to draw multifocal ellipses (a + b + c = const.)
  • how to draw egg-shaped curves (3 * a + b = const.)
  • how to measure the circumference of a circle
  • how to calcualte pi using only thread (See also here)

3D thread geometry

We explored how our thread-based drawing tools could be used to identify points on the surface of shapes in 3 dimensions.

  • We discovered the 3d ellipsoid (a + b = const.)
  • We found that multifocal 3d ellipsoids have a doughnut-topology.
  • We found two different ways to create ellipsoid shapes:
    • the polygon method, where the thread forms a polygon going through the focal points and the drawing point
    • the star method where the thread is alternately visiting each focal point and the drawing point


  • Geometric knowledge from school only got us so far ...
  • There is a whole universe of "new" shapes and forms

Questions raised

  • Questions regarding surface of different shapes popped up
  • We discussed different methods of measuring the surfaces using thread


  • What could an Experimentier-Baukasten / a kit / a sandbox for computing with thread look like?
    Do some research on other kinds of kits!
  • Do some thread-based geometry at home. Pick a parameter such as the thread-length and vary it systematically
  • Document your thread-art in the wiki



Some links to classics of compass + straightedge geometry
as well as the thread-based geometry we explored in our class.



Compass and Straightedge


Here are some links to all kinds of kits.
May they serve as inspiration for creating your own textile computing kits.

Educational Kits

Sewing Boxes

Tool Boxes

Portable Textile tools

Knots and Splices



History of Knots


Knot Theory



How are threads made?

Thread Games



Unknotting with Force and Magic


Knot Theory

Knot Robot