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About ships that sink and airplanes that disappear:

Videoediting with Subtitles and how it works:

Download video from Youtube and the subtitles as a SRT-file for same video (user for ex. Create file in ShotCut (edit one cut, save and close). Use SRTfile of subtiles with 'findword' python script to generate a XML file with information on timecodes. Open powershell on windows and use command "python [-h] [-i INPUTFILE] [-o OUTPUTFILE] [-w WORD] [-c] [-v] e.g. python3". -i “” -o “galilleo.xml” -w versinken -c -v". Insert generated into the full code of the ShotCut file by opening the file via Visual Studio Code. Insert XML-file from the powershell; under "playlist id=playlist0" replace "entry producer="chain1"". Open ShotCut in program to see edited video

Listen through the tube:

Videoediting with PureData and how it works:

Put the video which you want to edit in Shotcut, edit one cut and save it. Take the audio and put it into PureData file with the pitchresorting, analyze the audio in the following step. Make an XML-file of the video's audio with the first MIDI-file. Copy the XML into the Shotcut file of the video like you do it in the process of editing with subtitles. Export the video and enjoy the finished product. This process is also explained step by step in the pitch resorting file.

The thing that make me happy: