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About ships that sink and airplanes that disappear:

Videoediting with Subtitles and How it works: Download video from Youtube and the subtitles as a srt-file for same video (user for ex. Create file in ShotCut (edit one cut, save and close) Use .srt file of subtiles with 'findword' python script to generate a .xml file with information on timecodes Open powershell on windows

use command python [-h] [-i INPUTFILE] [-o OUTPUTFILE] [-w WORD] [-c] [-v] e.g. python3 -i “” -o “galilleo.xml” -w versinken -c -v

Insert generated .xml into the full code of the ShotCut file by opening the file via Visual Studio Code Insert xml-file from the powershell; under playlist id=playlist0 replace entry producer="chain1" Open ShotCut in program to see edited video

Listen through the tube:

The thing that make me happy: