I took a TV discussion from 1986 featuring musician Frank Zappa which explored whether a form of music ratings system proposed by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) due to conservative's fear of "youths being exposed to pornography and sexual violence by rock music" should be inforced. Zappa was one of the few outspoken musicians who opposed the proposed legislation and regularly debated people on the subject, even speaking infront of the US senat. The clip I chose as an example for this originally was about 25 minutes long but was cut down to mentions of the words "word" and "words" since the original discussion was about rock lyrics.


I took the first four out of fifteen minutes of a performance of Bach's "Flute Patrita in A Minor", analyzed the notes and re-arranged the video according to a monophonic transcription of a composition of mine (the solo section of my song "Tahwide Abel Matla'a Al Fajer" to be specific) that I released under my pseudonym Levi Ovesen in 2021.

1% Talent 99% Editing Skills (Ovesen Edition)

My final assignment's goal was to play a an excerpt of an piano arrangement of the song "Tahwide Abel Matla'a Al Fajer" ("A Lullaby Before Dawn") without having being skilled enough using MuseScore, PureData, Shotcut and Premiere Pro. My materials consisted of the arrangement's sheet music cut up into six MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC files and a video of me chromatically playing my piano.

My process followed the following steps:

  1. save the raw video in Shotcut
  2. feed the audio into PureData
  3. analyze the audio
  4. generate an XML file of the video's audio in accordance with the first MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC file
  5. copy the XML info the Shotcut MLT of the raw video
  6. let Shotcut cut said video
  7. export the video
  8. repeat steps 3 - 7 another five times
  9. export the original sheet music as a JPG
  10. import the sheet music and generated videos into Adobe Premiere Pro and cut the finished video (see above)
  11. lean back and enjoy the finished product