Play the Paper

Data is difficult to understand. If I hear about 19.000 particles, I cannot comprehend what it means, I need a visual. So people make a graph out of data, or a chart ... or create a methaphor, a simile. I would like to experience certain data, maybe even play with it. Lets take up the role of a particle or multicellular organism and live in a virtual reality that really exists.

Related Works of Art

TOMBSTONE by MIAOMIAO (Memorial based on data. She took data and created an online place to commemorate something you cannot commemorate in real life. Experience in VR something you cannot experience in real life.)

Related Games

Desktop/ Computer Games

"Agar Io" by Matheus Valadares Link to the game

"Solar 2" by Murudai (you start as an astroid and grow into solar systems by absorbing smaller astroids. Open World ( but limited); copy this game play)

Mobile applications

Achikaps by Yiotro on Android (simple design and game play; simulation; level/ round based; Color and behavior of the agent/ building show usage; game comes with a sandbox to design own levels; most levels are the same, most are strategic build up, some rare levels just need one specific action (like - have the palast destroyed) to win)

Origin of Data/ Paper to play

"Mikroplastik in Binnengewässern Süd- und Westdeutschlands" (2018) Link to the report PROBLEM: Paper is not really a paper but rather a report. Still nice Data. ( In what format do I need my data? Excel table?)