(Anastasiia Nakaliuzhna: VR Exhibition, 2018)
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[https://vimeo.com/262576106|VR Exhibition]

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Anastasiia Nakaliuzhna: VR Exhibition, 2018



Have you ever imagined how famous paintings could look like if they were «alive»? Or how 100 years old famous artwork could look if it was a modern installation in nowadays?

In my project I focused on the most famous Bauhaus Masters and their famous artworks. I tried to imagine them in present Bauhaus school and imagine how their art could look right now. I decided to choose Kandinsky's and Itten's art pieces and transform them from flat painting into volume digital installations. To connect them with the atmosphere of original Bauhaus, I placed each installation in a special place inside the Bauhaus foyer.


VR Exhibition screenshot VR Exhibition screenshot VR Exhibition screenshot