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<b>[[Paloma Llambías]]: Her and the Paper, 2008|2018</b>
<b>[[Paloma Llambías]]: <i>Her and the Paper</i>, 2008|2018</b>
[[File:her_1.jpg|thumb|300px|'' Exhibition'']]
[[File:her_1.jpg|thumb|300px|'' Exhibition'']]

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Paloma Llambías: Her and the Paper, 2008|2018

Video Frame

Video / Stop Motion
3min 40sec

There is nothing left from her, but memories. From him we have this video. This video is the intend of constructing two identities. A small story of people trying to back up a family history. With everyone being able to easily store their moments with the help of smartphones how fast has the way we remember changed?

"Her and The Paper" Video Link