GMU:(In)visible Networks 2016/Assignment

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Based on the structure we created in the last sessions, we should start building our own version of the GMU Site.

As reference we have the Experimentelles Radio Site and the Interface Design Site

Each one of us will create another Folder on the server with the prefix GMU (example: "gmu_azu") where you will develop a prototype of the GMU Site. You guys have the freedom to choose between Wordpress or HTML. If you are developing this in Wordpress, you have to make sure you choose a template similar to the design that the Medien/Gestaltung Faculty is following, but you have now also the basics to change a template to what suits you the best.

You can still keep working on your personal sites, you have the freedom to use the server for learning purposes but please respect other people's folders. Also pay attention to use the correct prefix for the tables used in wordpress (you can modify this in the "wp-config.php" file). We do have the possibility to move the whole site you create to a server and domain of your own, in case you want to hire a service.

The information to use in your prototype site is available mostly on the wiki and if you have any doubts about the design you can always use the inspect tool of your favorite browser to make sure you are using the correct colors and the correct font. If you don't find the font that easily, use a similar one.

If you have any doubts about the process, send me an email and we can meet.