Being a Unicellular Organism

Project research

Cosmo Niklas Schüppel


A meeting ground

the visual

The participators are sitting in a dim room, in which they share the space with different other organisms, that are projected live around them. The space is filled with thick sound waves and the participator is invited to sit and to "watch" their inner reaction to the sound. The atmosphere in the room should be open, so that everyone can be themself and let out the reactions to the sound, as they want.

the conceptual

“A meeting ground” is a space in which we can become conscious about what we experience, how we experience it and that others experience it differently. It tries to shine light on the pattern in our minds, that puts our selves above others, because we don’t understand their view on the world. The fact that the organisms don’t have visible reactions to the sound, functions as a metaphor for that. I am using the sound, drones of frequencies and simple harmonies, as a representative example of experience and as an object of focus, that the listener can sink in-too.

the technical

The technical side should be fairly simple. The installation needs live transmitted video of the organisms and an immersive or stereo sound system. The drones could be mixed live, or be a recording. I decided to project the organisms on natural fabrics, instead of screens or white walls, to give the video a less digital feeling, which a change in texture could achieve.