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This self introduction may serve as a template for your own, please adapt it to your needs. I'm faculty and PhD candidate at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and I've initiated this class to bring together extraordinary researchers, practitioners and teachers. I studied Media Arts in Halle/Saale and Montreal. In 2011 I've been organizing the 4th Pure Data convention in Weimar. My personal Website may be found at Now you know a litte about me and how to use Images, Internal links in the wiki and external links. Look into the Help:Editing page for more on formatting and the MediaWiki syntax, and Help:Images for a more detailed help just on images.


My Interests/research fields are satellite astrology, real-time audiovisual instruments, video in the context of music production, immersive media and digital glitches.

Let me show you a video which is about half a year old already, showing some experiments I do. Currently I work on bringing this to the next level.

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My collaboration interest

You should describe a bit where you think your strengths are and on which field you would have a collaborative partner to work with from the other institution. What are your goals in this class, where do you think are you going?

Project Idea

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My main platform is currently OSOperating System – for instance Apple's OS X stands for the tenth version of the OS X, but I just got my Raspberry Pi and I am an Android user as well.