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Microscopic Concert_ Homesick

In a drop of water, members of the microscopic world_microorganisms, moss, corpses, air bubbles and many other beings_ play music. A programmed Max patch tracks through a microscope the beings of the microscopic world invisible to the human eye . When microscopic beings cross the music sheet, the corresponding scale is played in real time.


The title of this concert is homesick. The water drops used in the project are the combined rivers of two cities: Anseong, Korea, the artist's hometown, and Weimar, Germany, where he currently resides. This concert metaphorically expresses the physical and mental state of the artist, who has been away from home for a long time and has been living abroad_especially during the pandemic, unable to visit home for two and a half years.

Technical position

with Touch Designer and max map.

  • Max/Msp :Overlay music notes and the video relaying the movement of microorganisms through the microscope. When the movement of microorganisms intersects the five lines of music note, the corresponding scale_do re mi pa sol la si do _ is played in real time.
  • Touch Designer : A circle or sphere is created in real time with the sound data transmitted from max.

Aesthetic positon_Installation

2 Screens, Microscope, DSLR Camera, Laptop, Speaker.

-Screen 1 : Microorganisms in the water drop are observed through a microscope and recorded on video. The video is shown on the screen in real time. The data of the movement of microorganisms are converted into sound data values. Sound is generated and played back in real time.

-Screen 2 : A circle or sphere is created in real time with the data of generated score from microorganisms. Or shape of water or cell react to sound.

  • Use a large screen to contrast the microscopic world.

  • extra installation of sculture? transparent glass spheres containing water from both cities. Water is constantly changing in the exhibition space. The sphere shape present 'Circulation'.

Water of River

A river of city circulates physically and (perhaps) mentally with the citizens. This work metaphorically expresses my current physical and mental state through the microscopic world in water drop mixed with rivers of two cities, Anseong (Korea) and Weimar (Germany), which closely connected to me.


I think that city rivers and citizens share the same body. People in the city drink the river water. The sewage produced by human excretion goes through a purification process and returns to the river. River water becomes the water we drink again.

-Our bodies (muscles and blood) are made up of water.

-Suitability as a physical property.

1 water drop + 1 water drop = 1 water drop

Water are always become Oneness, not separated.

Idea sketch homesick.jpg

max msp develope process

observation _llm Park _ 8. May. 2022

idea sketch

max/msp_ practice