Short about me: I am an interdisciplinary artist/designer/architect who is currently a student in the MediaArchitecture Msc. at Bauhaus University. I hold a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University. I have experience in fields like contemporary dance/performance art/design/architecture. My works focus is on intersections between movement, space, and interactive digital media environments. You can check my works:

About the Project:

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Sense Or ? is an interdisciplinary project at the intersection of installation art, interactive media art and performance art. Drawing an analogy between the aftereffects of individual experience of trauma and collective experience of censorship, the project plays around the concepts of self-censorship, aesthetics of censorship, somatic effects of unspoken, unnamed agony, being oppressed and oppressor, being silent and silencing… Through an interactive digital medium, can we discover the ways of connecting through performativity and create a possibility for collective healing in a ritualistic manner?


Initial Ideas of the project, some of the research questions: Aesthetics of censorship What are the traces of censor on the body? Is there a relation between censor and trauma? How does a censored body move?

Concept Silence is older than the ‘voice’. To make a sound, to utter, you must expend energy. Though silence comes naturally, it is there already, it is in between every voice. It infiltrates into every line easily, and sometimes even captures the lines and takes their place. Therefore, it is hard to defeat ‘the silence’ and make the voice.

But what about being silenced? When being silent is not of choice anymore but more of a state that is imposed by an outer force, the subject is no more silent but is silenced. A silenced subject is not in charge of her own voice; her words are lost, she loses the connection to the ‘self’, feeling repressed, till a point where she can no longer feel anything: ‘numbness’, ‘nothing’…