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21.04.2021 Unity example project presentation

File:1st Assignment-Radiancevr proj presentation-Chanitnanth 123205 (2).pdf

06.05.2021 Idea proposal;

Concept1; File:Concept1-filling color.JPG

Concept2( chosen idea ); File:Concept2-platesmashing.JPG 5-85658 27.05.2021-What I have done so far;

I make photogrammetry of myself and using blender to create a fractured so I can use it in unity inside the deconstruction script



09.06.2021-What I have done so far#2;

after my second consultation, Jörg told me to try shooting objects. So after I make myself a destructive object, I am now trying to use a different approach by creating a plate that has my boyfriend's face on it as a shooting object instead. (when I am angry with him I can just throw this plate, LOL). I used crated as a target but, I could not achieve figure it out with the script I have been facing to make the crated explode as I did on my previous video( my previous video also face a problem with clicking, It still not fix yet!!!).

So here what I tried so far, by combining with these 2 tutorials

>[2] and >[3]

and here is my outcome for my Midterm presentation

I could not upload the video in wiki so here is the vimeo Link;


31.10.2021-To my Final Outcome;

After several tried out on my coding experience, there are so many problems that occur in between. Therefore I tried to recreate again and work on my anger room in a more interactive way like a shooting game and the enemy(boyfriend or your angry enemy) can also hurt the player (you) as well. I have been following this Tutorial [4] with some changes as it doesn't work the same through the whole tutorial and here is the outcome


with this unity test (before my final model), there are shooting enemies, enemies and collecting containers which could effect your life and Ammo score. You have to shoot your shooting enemy, which will be soon substituted by my boyfriend photogrammetry model and at the same time the enemy (greencapsule) can shoot you back as well. Whenever you shoot your ammo, it will decrease, and therefor you shall then collect the ammocontainer as well as the health container. The player also need to avoid going near the still enemy (purple), otherwise your life will decreas as well.

and after trying out its function, I came back to my anger concept again to use the model of that person, using photogrammetry. and then change the bullet with the plate and put some effect into it.

So here is the outcome of my final version


and this is a final video presentation

[LINK] ..(it will hand in later as I only finish the game+coding part but not yet with the video presentation)

31.10.2021-Using Unity from my other class;

'Project Museum of ME ; [7] '

The idea for the project came to me during COVID-19's quarantine when I went to my friend's room and asked her where she got her rabbit stuffed animal, which turned out to be the comfort objects she got from her mother. After the conversation, I got a better sense of who she is and how significant those objects, not only her stuffed animal, are to her. Those stories pop up in my mind every time I visit her place.

Why shouldn't we preserve our most precious possessions in the virtual world and have them displayed as works of art, as if in a museum or art gallery? Wouldn't that be better if we could access our museum at any time and from anywhere, and it would exist eternally, unless you decide to delete it?

This MUSEUM OF ME project aims to create a virtual museum that collects and displays personal items (or persons) that are meaningful to you or have a story to tell, in a uniquely personalized manner. They could be sentimental items, gifts, clothing, or anything that you'd like to share with your family and friends.... WHY THIS ONE? WHAT IS IT?

In this video, two people were interviewed and asked what and why their valuable items meant to them. The photogrammetry technology is used to exhibit the objects in 3D. The museum's owners also were photogrammetrized and animated via Mixamo.

'Project (No) More Me_morial ; [8] '

No More Me_Morial is a speculative design for our future memorials, whereby means of which you can have a second chance whether to live digitally after leaving this world.

Instead of placing a flower and looking only at a photograph with the engraved name on the marble stone( or traditional gravestone) or lighting the incense sticks to communicate with the spirits, which may feel somewhat detached and incomplete. The visitors could see their loved one‘s hologram with their intimate gestures, which are intended to be a personalized memorial that helps you recall and remember.

Instead of ignoring your pain and trying not to think about it. I would like to replace your sorrowful, lonely feelings by recreating a new perception of the memories between you and your loved one. I hope, that this speculative idea of the new gravestone technology could comfort you, bring you peace of mind, and hopefully, it will lessen the pain and grant you fresh, cherished memories between you and your loved one.

Project Module Fantasy is Reality, Bauhaus University, Weimar - SoSe2021