Newsletter 10.2020

1. Special collections available again

Next to other steps towards reopening the university, library special collections can now be viewed in the reading room by appointment during the circulation desk’s opening times (Mon to Fri 10am to 2 pm). Requested items will be made available the following work day, provided a time slot is free.
We can make the following items available: special collection books and periodicals, items from the closed stacks for the reading room (including Baukataloge), inter-library loans for the reading room, artist’s books, printed standards and TGLs, dissertations for viewing in the course of an ongoing graduation process.
Please request special collection books and periodicals as well as items from the closed stacks in the online catalogue or in BibSearch, and all other items by e-mail to sonderbestand[at]ub.uni-weimar.de. Appointments can be made by writing to the same address.

2. Resumption of late fees from June 22nd 2020

Since mid-March the University Library had suspended late fees for borrowed items due tot he corona pandemic.
As the library resumes operations step by step, the period of suspension is now coming to an end.
Please return any items that are already overdue or will be due by June 19th 2020 until that same date, or – if possible - extend the loan period online in your library account. If you’re not in the area, you can send borrowed items back to us by mail to this address:

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Steubenstrasse 6
99423 Weimar

We’ll be happy to advise you further by phone at 03643/582810 from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm, or by mail to ausleihe[at]ub.uni-weimar.de.  
Starting on Monday, June 22nd 2020, late fees will once again be raised for all overdue items.

3. Reestablished access to thoska terminals on the lower level of the University Library building

Following suggestions by the University Library, university committees have decided to make the thoska terminals on the lower level of the library building accessible again from June 22nd 2020. In addition to terminals in Marienstrasse, both the thoska validation terminal and the credit charge terminal in the library will thus become available again during the circulation desk’s opening times (Mon to Fri 10am to 2 pm). The wardrobe area and restrooms will remain locked, as will the door to the courtyard (direction of Brauhausstrasse). Please observe distancing rules while queueing for terminals. Likewise, covering your mouth and nose remains mandatory in the building.

4. ONArchitecture – visual online archive of architekture and urban space

Starting immediately, the University Library offers access to ON.ARCHITECTURE from across campus. This service provides a collection of original videos on the study of architecture and design. The videos contain interviews with important contemporary architects about their work and the role of architects and architecture in society as well as portraits on the interviewees‘ key projects. In addition, they provide technical specifications, project descriptions and company profiles as well as architects‘ and designers‘ current biographies. Access from the university network will remain available until December 31st 2020. University members may access this service from outside the university network using Shibboleth.

5. Workshop »Data Management Plans: FAIRify your Data!«

In 2020 the RDM Days will be held again, organized by the network Thüringer Kompetenznetzwerk Forschungsdatenmanagement and this time under the tagline »Research Data Management: More than just a FAIRytale!«. A free workshop will be held in Weimar as a webinar using Big Blue Button, introduced by the Vice-President for International Affairs, Diversity and Transfer, Prof. Jutta Emes. This event aims to look into local developments, such as the recently published Guideline for Handling Research Data, as well as the topics of FAIR principles and data management plans. Ms. Kerstin Helbig of the Humbolt University in Berlin was invited as a guest lecturer. Please look forward to exciting lectures, animated discussions and a spirited exchange of ideas!
Further information on the workshop and how to register for free can be found here.

6. Review: more than 800 participants in the »Long Night of academic writing«

More than 800 participants in 27 countries logged on to the 6th Long Night of academic writing on June 4th 2020 to follow the University’s first large scale event in a digital form. The live stream alone, with its ambitious panel »In search oft he right tone«, the exciting Open Reading (in cooperation with the German National Theater Weimar) and the amazing concerts by music students and the student initiative Tonraum, was followed by almost 300 people at once, some of which stayed all evening. Webinars and chats also provided an opportunity for spirited exchange on writing, language and speech. Being able to be present in several virtual rooms at once in order to not miss anything, or to jump in at any time, is a positive effect, as is continuing current issues and services beyond the »Long Night«. Extensive feedback reached the organisation team even during and immediately after the Open Your Mind event, ranging from »pro digital night« over »wonderful mix of live streams and pre-records« to »these readings are a wonderful idea« and »I’m still feeling all inspired the morning after the Long Night«.
At this point we would like to sincerely thank all contributors and supporters for successfully bringing the event, organized by Bauhaus Research School, the University Library and the eLab, to life this year, despite the corona calamity, and thus having it serve as an example for future digital events. The Long Night will shortly be documented in detail on the event website.

Stefanie Röhl