The Campus.Office is the central contactipoint of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Indoor you can find the Department for Student and Academic Affairs, the International Office, the service counter at the foyer, the General Academic Advising, the Advising for International Prospective Students and the Careers Service.

Service counter

The service counter at the foyer of the offers Informations and support for following topics:

_Student Card those
_distribution and acceptance for all kind of requests of the student office s (Changing Majors or UniversityLeave of AbsenceLong-term Study FeePart-time StudentDe-registrationRe-registrationSemester Contribution)
_change of name

Student Office

The Student office offers support for following topics:

  • Applying and Enrolling
  • Course Auditing
  • Re-Registration
  • Suspension
  • part-time study 
  • Changing Majors or University
  • long-term study fees

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Advising Service for International Applicants

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers a wide array of advising services to international students, as well as German students preparing for a foreign internship or period of study abroad.

_ Application procedere
_ Admission Requirements
_ necessary language skills
_ degree recognition
_ instance of visa

Advising and Consultation Services

General Academic Advising provides counselling and support to ease your transition from school to university life. Throughout your academic career, you can contact our advisors to receive assistance with private and study-related problems. Based on your personal and social situation, we offer orientation and a plan of action for every hurdle you encounter on your way to graduation.

_ Assistance with learning and working difficulties and examination problems
_ Changing majors or discontinuing one’s studies
_ Academic planning and time management
_ Academically related personal problems
_ Advising for students with disabilities
_ Graduate and post-graduate education opportunities

Most of our advising services are offered as personal consultation in German or Englisch. You can speak with one of our advisors during “visiting hours” at the Campus.Office or make an appointment in advance. The consultation is free, anonymous and voluntary. 

Studying with Disabilities

The working group “Studying with Disabilities” offers special counselling services to students who are chronically ill or handicapped. If your handicap interferes with your studies, please contact us and we will try to help you.

We provide assistance in all handicap-related matters, e.g. financing your studies, obtaining learning aids, and compensating for disadvantages when taking examinations which are essential for choosing a major, gaining admission to or successfully completing your degree programme.

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Stay abroad (Study and internship)

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers a wide array of advising services to international students, as well as German students preparing for a foreign internship or period of study abroad.

Studying abroad offers you a unique chance to broaden your horizon. Aside from the academic benefits, studying abroad can give you an inside view of the life and culture of another country, and improve your foreign language skills to an extent that is rarely possible to reach any other way. 

The International Office awards Erasmus+ mobility grants and advises students on financing their stay abroad. The PROMOS programme of the DAAD awards grants for foreign projects which are not funded by any other DAAD or grant programme (e.g. Erasmus+).

Careers Service

The Careers Service is part of the General Academic Advising department at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Throughout one’s studies and after graduation, it provides support in all matters of professional orientation and entry in the workforce.

_ After study...?
_ Mentoring programme "StudEnd"
_ event calendar
_ Job and internship database
_ job fair
_ contacts to corporates
_ labour market germany for international students
_ hints for working abroad
_ tips for application
_ business start u