In the same way enrolment marks the official start of one’s studies, de-registration marks their conclusion. Every student must de-register upon finishing his or her degree programme at the university. However, students may be involuntarily de-registered/expelled if they forget to re-register on time, fail to pay the semester contribution or repeatedly fail their examinations.

Regular de-registration

Regardless of when your final examination (thesis presentation) is scheduled, regular de-registration takes place at the end of the semester (i.e. 30 September for the summer semester and 31 March for the winter semester). As soon as the Student Office receives your final transcript, your final grade is entered into the database. The university is required by law to notify your health insurance provider of the date of de-registration.

Voluntary de-registration
Students are allowed to voluntarily de-register themselves for personal reasons. On the de-registration request form, the student may specify his/her desired date of de-registration, i.e. de-registration does not necessarily have to occur at the end of the semester. The student is issued a certificate of de-registration (required for applying to or transferring to another university) and a pension statement. Retroactive de-registration is not possible.

After the removal from the register of students  and after finishing your employment contract with our university it is not possible to use your login and access to your university account any longer.

Legal basis

The terms and conditions of de-registration are specified in § 69 of the Thuringian University Code effective 21 December 2006, the procedures of which are described in § 14 of the enrolment regulations
of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Please read the enrolment regulations for a list of all the reasons which may lead to de-registration.