The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is managed by the Executive Board. It is responsible for all important matters related to the entire university which do not otherwise fall under the jurisdiction of the Senate. The President represents the university in the public sphere, especially with regard to matters of legal consequence. As the President bears the official title “Rector”, the Executive Board is also known as the “Rectorate” and the vice-presidents are officially designated as “Prorectors”.

In the current term, the Executive Board of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is called Presidium.

The Presidium is responsible for negotiating the framework agreement with the Thuringian state government, as well as the target and achievement agreements with the state ministries, university faculties and research institutes. It is responsible for passing resolutions pertaining to state budgeting applications, drafting, authorising and updating structural and developmental plans, policymaking with regard to fundamental university infrastructure and funding allocation, monitoring professorial vacancies, determining the future use of vacancies and advertising vacant professorial posts. Moreover, the Rectorate assigns positions and funding to organisational units for conducting performance and evaluation-related tasks, appoints directors to the university’s research institutes and business units, and makes decisions with regard to establishing, taking over, expanding or participating in business ventures.