Mobile experimental laboratory for social and participatory teaching and learning projects

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The project focuses on the learning process of the students, the acquisition of inter- and transdisciplinary skills and social cooperation and transformation. In a participatory experimental laboratory, the students work on problems affecting society as a whole and actively shape the society of the future. In a first step, mobile units are to be designed, which are designed and equipped by students of the university in an interdisciplinary project. In a second step, the students and teachers explore the regions and get in touch with local actors to identify initiatives and projects for sustainable transformation. In the third step, the implementation of corresponding projects will be promoted in the form of real laboratories with the significant participation of local groups.

The project promotes social transformation on several levels: In the spirit of  «service learning», (1) a contemporary teaching and learning culture is created in which the disciplinary academic education is expanded by (2) key competencies that meet future requirements in science, art and technology taken into account. In addition, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (3) faces up to its social responsibility and promotes knowledge transfer to (4) promote social commitment and democratic awareness in the rural regions of Thuringia. The students leave the academic shelter and develop ideas and concepts for a sustainable transformation with the appreciative involvement of social, political and economic actors.

We propose the mobile participatory experimental laboratory as an idea that can be realized in collaboration with other working groups. It has the potential to counteract a growing disintegration of democratic society, as we are observing in rural areas based on current election results: if local initiatives and groups are taken seriously, their ideas and knowledge are recognized and implemented in cooperation with young people be brought, then it could be demonstrated not least that the university assumes responsibility for all parts of the society that supports and finances it.

Participating persons: 

Prof. Dr. Christian Koch (Vice-President of Academic Affairs), Ronny Schüler, Larissa Barth, Dr. Andreas Mai sowie die AG Bauhaus Studium   


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