A foreign language, an unfamiliar culture, new people – settling into a new lifestyle in Weimar and coming to terms with university life are among the many challenges facing international students.

The student initiative »Bauhaus Internationals«, which runs under the auspices of the StuKo (Student Union), aims to help international students become integrated into the student community from the word go.

A series of cultural events, including regular country-themed evenings in which foreign students talk about life in their native countries, is seen by »Bauhaus Internationals« as a means of enriching the international student scene and promoting international dialogue at the Bauhaus-Universität. Another part of the initiative is the »Buddy Programme«. This scheme promotes cultural exchange on an interpersonal level by by providing international students with a German »buddy«, who acts as a contact person and provides assistance with the everyday problems typically facing international students in Germany. »Bauhaus Internationals« organises a large number of outings, parties and one-off events. It also provides support for internationally-themed projects initiated by students themselves.

Events and outings are open to anyone interested in taking part. Details of our weekly meetings can be found on the »Bauhaus Internationals« homepage.

For more information about the Bauhaus Internationals, please click here.