What is the Bauhaus.Semester?

On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar wishes to acknowledge teaching as one of its particular strengths. Due to take place in the winter semester 2018/19, the Bauhaus.Semester has been conceived according to the motto of »Connect – Learn – Involve«.

The Bauhaus.Semester offers the opportunity to reflect on the university’s study options and their future development. The focus is on courses and projects enabling an open dialogue and an interdisciplinary exploration of compelling issues of our time. Attention will also be drawn to projects and events examining the Bauhaus, its history and its topicality.

The offers during the Bauhaus.Semester invite all students to familiarise themselves with new content and methods, to discuss current social and academic issues, and to engage in interdisciplinary study. The formats will include courses, projects, block seminars, workshops, and lecture series.

Your Event during the Bauhaus.Semester

Do you think your course or project would make a good addition to the Bauhaus.Semester programme? See the tabs below for all the information you need to offer and boost the visibility of your event during the Bauhaus.Semester. The Downloads sections contains useful instructions and the necessary forms. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact our coordination team.

The Bauhaus.Semester programme will include courses and projects from all academic disciplines, and open up a broad range of opportunities to students. You must fulfil at least one of the following criteria for your course or project to be included in the Bauhaus.Semester programme:

  1. Open to students of different faculties with many students meeting the participation requirements. The methodical and didactic structure enables successful participation.  AND/OR
  2. Examines methods and methodologies and seeks to render these tangible and useful to students of various disciplines. AND/OR
  3. Taught by at least two academic staff from different disciplines and faculties, or in collaboration with external experts. Professional boundaries are intentionally crossed. Guest lecturers contribute perspectives from other disciplines and enable reflection on the self-image as well as the external image of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
  4. AND/ORConceived and implemented by students of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar; ideally geared towards fellow students of various subjects. AND/OR
  5. Explores the concept of the historical Bauhaus and invites students to reflect on contemporary issues. AND/OR
  6. Allows students to address the Bauhaus and contemporary issues in their local context – the university, town of Weimar, region, and state of Thuringia. It establishes local and regional connections and encourages dialogues involving partners from the area.

The course catalogue for the coming winter semester includes the category of »Bauhaus.Semester«. If you would like to indicate that your course/project is being offered as part of the Bauhaus.Semester, then please tick the appropriate box when you add the course to BISON. See the Downloads section for instructions (»Bauhaus.Semester courses in BISON«). The Bauhaus.Semester working group will review the suitability of all courses and projects, and contact you if necessary.

Funding is available for external teaching assignments and student assistants to support you in the implementation of your course/project. Please email your funding application to Ms Anja Gehrcken (anja.gehrcken[at] The application form is available in the Downloads section of this website (»Funding application – Bauhaus.Semester«). Please consider the additional document »Important information for funding« when calculating your costs.

If you plan – in a German speaking study programme – with courses or projects in English language, you may apply for »Lehrfonds BeSt«. More information is available at International Office: BeSt-Fonds

A variety of interesting events and courses will be offered during the Bauhaus.Semester for students to attend. Your study achievements can primarily be credited to the elective module area of your own curriculum.

If you would also like to be awarded credits for courses, then we suggest that you discuss with your academic advisor which would fit best with your study profile first. If regulations have not yet been set for the recognition of study achievements from other disciplines, we recommend that you conclude a Learning Agreement – like you would for a mobility semester abroad. The responsible parties at the examination offices have already agreed to this form of regulation.

The Office of Student and Academic Affairs is on hand to assist in case of formal questions on credits and the recognition of academic achievements. Please contact the head of the department, Ms Gudrun Kopf.

If an interdisciplinary course is organised during the Bauhaus.Semester, academic staff can credit the full teaching hours to their teaching load. This applies for courses taught by up to three academic staff if they represent different subjects in the joint course.

The dean decides on the crediting of teaching hours, hence we recommend that you consult the dean’s office beforehand. Section 5 para. 6 of the Thuringian regulations on university teaching duties (Thüringer Lehrverpflichtungsverordnung, ThürLVVO) constitutes the legal basis. See here for the full regulations.

Mr Andreas Kettritz (andreas.kettritz[at] can gladly explain the recognition of teaching hours.

A website is currently being developed for the easily accessible, clear and appealing presentation of all Bauhaus.Semester courses. There are also plans to document some of the courses. Please contact us if you would like to have your course documented.

Your course will be included in the presentation on the new Bauhaus.Semester website. Please inform us of any subsequent changes to your course description.