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»This library« - total stock of the university library as well as 1.6 million articles of journals and books

»All libraries« - about 160 million printed and electronic resources, including books, journals, films, articles etc.

Search terms       
Insert one or more terms into the search field. Avoid any articles and prepositions.
If you are searching for an exact sequence of words (phrase), please use quotation marks.
Example: "Visual cultures in science and technology "

Proposals for your search
When you insert search terms into the search field, a list of proposals will automatically be indicated. Here you can choose terms for your search.

Truncation by using *
You can put * at any place inside or at the end of your search term. It will replace any number of characters.
Your search with publi*ation will include both publication and publikation.
Your search with photograph* will include photographer, photography, photographs …

Person search
If you search for a special person, please indicate preferentially the full name of the person with quotation marks.
Example: "Walter Gropius"

Search queries and search results
Please confirm your search query by clicking the search button.
It will be searched at once for all your search terms in all categories of the bibliographic descriptions (for example the categories person, title keyword, subject heading …).
By default, the results will be indicated by relevance ranking. That means that records with the highest degree of accordance of the search query and the document will be indicated at first.

Limiting search results
On the left side of the screen you have the possibility to limit your results by publication period as well as by document type or format.

Access to our licenced electronic (e-books, e-journals, e-articles)
The University Library of Weimar offers access to a huge number of electronic full text documents.
University members can access many of these publications even from outside the University net by using Shiboleth.