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Family Name, First Name


Bauer, Kerstin Cataloguing Team (Team Leader)
PICA-System, Local Library System Weimar, SFX
Becker, Ekkehard Computer department
Gomoll, Kathrin

Lending, Electronic Semester Reserves

Hauspurg, Carolin

Store and Technical Services, Information Services (Focus Building Materials/Natural Sciences)

Heling, Marion Deputy Director,
Media processing department (Head of department), Subject Librarian Business, Law, History and Politics
Huck, Marion Technical Media Processing, Bookbinding, Information Services (Focus Media)
Kästner, AnkeLending, Administration of Carrels- and Working Spaces 
Kaufmann, Kerstin Acquisition, Information Services (Focus Art)
Kleffel, ChristinaSubject Librarian Building Materials and Natural Sciences, Library User Trainings
Körner, Heidi Cataloguing Team, OPuS, Information Services (Focus Art), Trainees and Staff Training, Doctoral thesis
Lapp, HeikeComputer department
Leine, Brigitte User Services (Team Leader), Lending, User Administration, Fees, Library User Training (OPAC)
Max, DianaInformation Services (Focus Media), Website
Metze, Peter

Store / Technical Services

Pettkus, Karin Information Services (Focus Building Materials / Natural Sciences)
Reichenbacher, Karin Technical Media Processing, Retrospective Cataloging
Richter, Katrin

Department User and Information Services (Head of department), Website, Library User Trainings, Subject Librarian Media and Cultural Sciences, Philosophy and Sociology

Röhl, Stefanie Lending, Inter Library Loan, Information Services, Supervising the Student Workers
Rudolf, SylvelinSubject librarian Art, Art history, Design, Handicraft, Visual communication and Photography, Responsible for the Library Building, Library User Training, DFG-Project
Schaller, GabrielePublic Relations, Newsletter, E-Mail-Information, Library Tours, Inter Library Loan
Schieke, Sonja Information Services (Focus Architecture/Construction Engineering), Website, DFG-Project
Schöne, KerstinPeriodicals Acquisition
Schröder, Jana

Subject Librarian Architecture, Spatial Planning, Urban Planning, Technical Development, Training, DFG-Project

Schüttenberg, ReinerPeriodicals Acquisition,
Coordination of Bookbinding
Seifert, AntjeLending, Inter Library Loan, Textbook Collection
Dr. Simon-Ritz, FrankDirector of the University Library Weimar
Steinmetz, Manuela Acquisition
Szosta, ChristineTechnical Media Processing
Tampe, Christiane Store / Technical Services (parental leave)
Dr. Teichmüller, Horst

Subject Librarian Construction Engineering and Computer Sciences, Library User Trainings

Tolk, Tobias Information Services (Focus Architecture, Construction Engineering), DFG-Project, Cataloguing Team (parental leave)
Traeger, HeidiComputer department (Head of department), Website
Weht, WaldemarStandards (DIN, TGL), Store / Technical Services
Ziegler, Nadja Acquisition Team (Team Leader), Publication Exchange, DBIS-Administration
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