Annual report (pdf-document, german language)

Media stock

Books, periodicals and newspapers (volumes)510.563
Printed periodicals and newspapers 872
Electronic periodicals and newspapers40.853
Increase in 2016 (volumes)7.980
Withdrawal (volumes)


Budget for Literature Purchase (in ) 645.010
Thereof for digital and electronic media


User Services
Active users6.552
Items borrowed120.290
Full display of articles in licenced, electronic journals52.110
Full display of digital documents (e-books)229.505
Library consultations207.168
Sent orders via interlibrary loan3.679
Obtained orders via interlibrary loan


Information services

Library user trainings (hours)

Participants in library user trainings


Key data archive

Key data 2017 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2016 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2015 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2014 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2013 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2012 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2011 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2010 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2009 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2008 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2007 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2006 (PDF-Document)
Key data 2005 (PDF-Document)

German Library Statistics

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