Automatic installation

Open your browser and go to: and access with username and password:

Login at SSL VPN Service

The Installation runs automatically and chooses the right version for your OS. The setup requires a Java or Active X installation. If no Java or Active X is found you will be redirected to t he manual installation. (see below). If the Java Plugin is deactivated you will see the warning below:

Automatic installation by Java or ActiveX

Click on »YES« to acknowledge the security warning. On the next window click „Ausführen“ to start the installation

Confirmation prompt by the Java application

The connection will be established automatically after installation.

The connection will be established automatically

The AnyConnect is added automatically to the taskbar. The software is also added to the Start menue of windows.

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Manual Installation

Should the automatic installation fail an alternative download link named:„anyconnect-win-XXX.exe“ is displayed:

Either save the data for later use or execute it right away. AnyConnect will be installed manually. During the next steps press »Ausführen« and »Next«. With »Install« and »Finish« the installation is complete.

Start the application and add »« at the »Ready to connect« window:

[Translate to English:] Download für manuelle Installation

Now click »Connect«. In the next window you find 2 Choices. Either »tunnel all« or »tunnel Uni Weimar«. If you choose »tunnel all« any network traffic uses the VPN Tunnel. This is needed if you work from a VPN-Socket ( wallmounts ) or via „WLAN-BUW“.

If using the profile »tunnel Uni Weimar« a VPN Connection will be established only to and from the university. Any other connections should work normally and don ́t use VPN. This setting should be used from private DSL connections.

  • After you entered valid User information and clicked »OK«…

    Entering access data
  • …the VPN Connection is established:

    Connection establishment
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Access to network printers from local Network

If you need access printers or other network devices the following additional configuration step is needed:

Advanced Window: Configuration
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Disable Autostart after Installation

AnyConnect writes itself into your Autostart. You can disable this feature if you don ́t need it.
If you use Windows 7:

msconfigSystemstartCisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Windows 8 and above:

press Crtl + Alt + DelTaskmanagermore detailsAutostartCisco AnyConnect User Interface › disable

The Client can be accessed via the start menue:

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