Here you will find several manuals for selected programs that will help you to integrate FTP into your workflow.
In our examples we connect to These descriptions are also valid for server access that has been granted  by the SCC. For example Storage space tied to projects you might participate in.

These Instructions should be viewed as living documents. We whould like to extend the descriptions to other ftp clients and operating systems.  Here we need your help. If you use other clients than the ones described please send us a screenshot and short discriptions so we can further improove the manuals.

Configuration of FTP-Clients

FileZilla is a free opensource FTP Client. The client is available for linux, Mac and Windows.

Should you need the client for a computer administrated by the SCC, please send us a request.


FileZilla Client can be downloaded via SourceForge.

Password security


FileZilla is saving your password in PLAINTEXT should you choose to save the connection including the password in the Servermanager. We strongly advice you to NOT use this function!


  • Use a ftp client that uses password encryption (WinSCP for Windows for example)
  • In FileZilla use the option „Ask for password“ in the connection settings

Establishing a connection

One time use:

One time use:

Enter the required data directly into the »Quickconnect bar«:

  • Host: ftpes://
    (Important to entert he protocol ftpes:// before the server name!)
  • Username and Password are your Bauhaus login Data

Using Site Manager

Using Site Manager

The Site Manager enables you to save the connection data for later use:

»Open the Site Manager«
Add a »New Site«
Protocol:FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption:Require explicit FTP over TLS or
Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Logon Type:Ask for password
User:Your Bauhaus login Data



Verifying the certificate

Verifying the certificate

During the first connection you will be confronted with a message »The server's certificate is unknown«.
Why? FileZilla can't identify the Root Certificate.

You can check if the certificate is valid using the fingerprints seen on the picture.

Folder structure

Folder structure

After the connection is established filezilla will display the data of your local machine on the left and the data on the server on the right.

Change to the directory public_html. Now you can work with your data ( create, edit, rename, delete ). When you are ready, just drag and drop your data to the desired destination