different courses - different registration procedures

All our language courses require prior registration. An explanation of the respective registration procedure can be found in an extra tab 'Registration procedure' next to the course schedule for each language (cf. >Language courses< in the right hand menu). Here we have compiled an overview of the various registration procedures.

The registration procedure may consist of up to three parts, namely placement test, online registration and payment of fees. However, not for all courses, all three parts are necessary. Please choose the option that applies to you from the following list for a detailed explanation:

  1. English, French, Italian, Spanish, and theme-based German courses on C1 Level (DaFiS courses)

  2. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian

  3. Regular German courses at all Levels (during the Semester, once a week)

  4. German Intensive courses (during the Semester and during Semester break)