Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a language course and when are the registration dates?

The registration process varies depending on the course. An explanation of the different process as they apply to each language is provided under the link >Registraion< in the right hand menu (or click here). In the same menu, under the link >Dates<, you will find the current dates for placement tests etc (or click here).

What happens if I miss the registration deadline?

If you miss the registration deadline, you still have a chance to sign up for your desired language course during the fee payment period – provided there are free spaces still available.

If the course is full, then you can inquire again on the second day of the payment period between 4 and 4.30 pm. Registered participants who didn't show up to pay the course fee forfeit their places in the courses. These are then offered to others starting at 4 pm.

What happens if I miss the first lesson of the course?

If for some reason you cannot attend the first lesson of the course, please inform us in advance (either when you pay the course fee or by e-mail, phone, etc.). Otherwise, you will automatically lose your place in the course.


Where do I find the current course schedule?

You can access the current course schedule on our website under Language Courses. The course schedules are also posted in the corridor of the Language Centre.


How can I receive credit for language courses?

Final grades are not automatically forwarded to the examination office of each faculty. To receive credit for your course, you have to pick up the course certificate at the Secretary's Office at Language Centre and submit it to your examination office.


I need language help, but have no time to take a language course. Can you help me?

Yes, we can.

During the semester, Dr. Seemann (German) and Dr. Watts (English) provide assistance through individual consultation sessions. You can go there with any specific questions or concrete assignments, for which you require language support, e.g. term papers, in-class presentations, etc. Please make arrangements by contacting the respective partner by mail.

Where and when can I speak with the instructors at the Language Centre?

The permanent employees of the Language Centre have their own offices where you can meet with them during office hours or call to arrange a special appointment.

You can contact our guest lecturers by e-mail and only during the lecture period. You may also leave messages for them at the Secretary's Office.

For an overview of the instructors at the Language Centre, please click on Contact.