The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers two different mentoring programmes for doctoral students (until 2019).

Both mentoring programmes are designed as a combination of peer and group mentoring and incorporate individual development on the one hand with networking on the other hand.

Scientists, artists, and designers come together in groups to reflect on their past and future careers, exchange experiences with a mentor during various intra-group activities. For this purpose a financial budget is available for each group. Complementary networking and information events as well as workshops for career planning and competence trainings are also organized for all mentees.

The mentoring programme thrives from the commitment of the mentees in their peer-group as well as their willingness to participate in the complementary programme.

The application deadline for both programmes was on 30 April 2018!

  • Focus:

    With Wisa+ Women in Science and Arts the  Equal Opportunity Office would like to support motivated, female junior scientists, artists and designers who are interested in pursuing a scientific or artistic/design-related career within and outside the university, help them forge a network of contacts, and offer them opportunities to advance their professional and personal development.

    Target group:

    female doctoral candidates of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar esp. at the beginning and in the middle phase of their doctorate


    1. Support the (inter-)disciplinary exchange of knowledge and encourage networking
    2. Identify strategies and perspectives during the process of scientific and artistic-design qualification
    3. Reflexion on potentials, strategies and individual professional goals

  • Focus:

    The Bauhaus Research School accompanies engaged doctoral candidates to network and to prepare for a career after their doctorate with support of mentors from the sectors of science, economy, industry, arts and culture.



    Target group:

    Doctoral candidates of all faculties of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar preferably in the middle and final phase of their doctorate


    1. Identification, optimization, and use of individual competences and potentials to start a career after the doctorate
    2. Clarify individual career aims and requirements and first steps to reach this aims
    3. Development of an professional network

Schedule of the mentoring

4-6 pm

Kick-off meeting for mentee incl. introduction into your role as mentee and peer-group mingling
08.06.2018Workshop »Collegial advice« for mentee
Autumn 2018Organisation of the first meeting with the mentors by the peer-groups together with the Bauhaus Research School and the Equal Opportunity Office
Winter 2018/19Workshop(s) for individual career planning as well as about peer-group specific topics
Spring 2019Organisation of the second meeting with the mentors by the peer-groups together with the Bauhaus Research School and the Equal Opportunity Office
Summer 2019Closing event with joint meeting of all mentees and mentors

Dates can be changed!