Bauhaus Research School | 07/2022


ONLINE | 29.09.2022

BauhausTrack | Bewerbungstraining für Berufungsverfahren
ONLINE | 01.11.2022

Open Access: Forschung, Publizieren und Förderung
ONLINE | 10.11.2022

BauhausTrack | Promotionen gut betreuen
ONLINE | 24.11.2022 

Scientific research: catalogues and databases
ONLINE | 15.12.2022

Photo: Thomas Müller

At the early stage researchers' contest initiated by the Alliance of Thuringian Engineering Sciences contestants presented a research poster and an accompanying elevator pitch (90 seconds) to show how their research topic is changing our world!

POSTER CONTEST | 23 - 29 June 
The 19 contest posters were on display in an online gallery and at an exhibition in the Weimar University Library from 23-29 June 2022. From 23 June 12 noon to 29 June 12 noon, people could vote online for the best poster.

On 29 June, 13 of the 19 posters for the »Tag der Ingenieurwissenschaften« were presented live in an »Elevator Pitch« The audience voted for the most convincing and engaging project presentation.

>> Videos of the elevator pitches
>> The Winners!

The inter-faculty working group of academic and artistic staff and the PhD council at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar was founded at the end of last year as a result of the #ichbinhanna discussion in the Senate and they drew up a position paper including fields of action for good conditions in academic and artistic work. In order to shape the next steps together, the working group invites you to exchange ideas at this year's summaery.

14.7.2022 | 5 - 9 p.m. | between Prellerhaus and Bauhaus.Atelier

Photos: Thomas Müller

Under the motto »writing for future« workshops, talks, readings and exhibitions discussing strategies for more sustainable research, writing and publishing, tinkering with ideas for a more ecological library and demonstrating how research supports the shift towards a society that thinks and acts sustainably were all presented on the evening of the Long Night of Academic Writing. We would like to thank all participants, the entire team and our guests for the wonderful and imaginative evening! We will soon show impressions from the Long Night here.

>> Impressions of the evening

Photo: Thomas Müller

> up to 3 Bauhaus start-up scholarships (6 months)

> 2 re-entry scholarships (12 months)

> up to 7 scholarships (3 months)

> 1-3 scholarships in the Thuringian program (6 or 12 months)

Application deadline: 31 August 2022 

The photo gallery for the scholarship celebration on 7.7.2022 and the project gallery for the 2022/23 scholarships that have already been awarded will be published in early August.

Up to four interdisciplinary junior research teams with particularly innovative and, in a positive sense, risky research topics and approaches will be funded as part of the research workshop at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The PILOT call for proposals will be published in the next few days. However, you can already get detailed information about the funding in the FAQs.
(Please note: FAQs and website are provided only in German)

Submission deadline: September 18, 2022 



IfEU | Doctoral Working Group

INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN URBANISTICS: A Doctoral Working Group meets regularly at the IfEU for networking and exchange. The meetings take place hybrid, i.e. the doctoral students do not have to be in Weimar, but various events are offered in presence with colleagues. Please register for the group at elodie.vittu[at] or via the Moodle room: Doctoral Working Group IfEU (access for university members without room password).


Warning of the BKA against fraudulent calls occurring nationwide, by alleged employees of the police authorities Federal Criminal Police Office, Europol, Interpol or the FBI. Unfortunately, members of the Bauhaus University Weimar have already become victims of these calls. Read more

Experience report
SCC Warning

Organized by and for doctoral candidates in Rural Studies, the 3rd exchange and networking meeting will take place at the UAS Erfurt on October 27-28, 2022. The interdisciplinary colloquium is aimed at young scholars who deal with questions of rural everyday life, life and care worlds, socio-ecological transformation experiences and the rural as political. 

Call for Participation can be accessed here