Bauhaus Research School | 03/2019


10 April 2019
Promovieren: Ja oder nein?


03-04 May 2019
Publishing in the English
language academic market
for non-native speakers

24-25 May 2019
Academic Writing | Part 1

14-15 June 2019
Academic Writing | Part 2

17-18 June 2019
Finding a Job in Germany

24 June 2019
Good Scientific Practice


Save the date: 9 April 2019

10 - 12 April 2019
Online registration: 9 April
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09 May 2019 | Community
10 May 2019 | Colloquium
Contributions by 31 March

Bauhaus Research Assistantship
Application deadline: 23.04.2019

Share your experiences, share your knowledge, and present your doctoral projects at the interdisciplinary colloquium! We invite you to discuss challenges together with other doctoral candidates in a solution-oriented manner within a private environment and – without limiting yourself to discipline or topics – to discuss solutions and your own experiences together.

What drives you? How were you able to overcome problems in the past? Where do you need support and where could you support?

09.05.2019 | CREATE THE CO | Community
10.05.2019 | CREATE THE CO | Colloquium

Proposed contributions and registration

Up to 2 scholarships for doctoral candidates by the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung (1.200 € per month for projects from all fields for 2 years). The Presidium decides on the selection of the applications based on the quality; up to two excellent applications can be submitted per university

The supervising professors submit the complete application documents of promising doctoral candidates at the Dean's office and parallel at the BRS einzureichen: application deadline 27 March 2019

You would like to stand up for the interests of doctoral candidates? Take your chance at the BRS general assembly! You will appoint your representatives for the Directorate of the Bauhaus Research School. As representatives of the doctoral candidates / Postdocs you have 2 votes in the Directorate and therefore, direct influence on the work at the BRS. Those who would like to stand as candidates please contact us directly per email: 

Register for the assembly