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History of the Building

The recently renovated Brendel Studio is now the new site of the university's visitor and information centre the Bauhaus.Atelier | Info Shop Café which opened on 21 April 2010. As the representative welcoming centre of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the Bauhaus.Atelier is a place of contact and communication for visitors, professors, staff and students. The centre offers guests the chance to experience the open, creative and transdisciplinary spirit of the university in its professional and service-oriented form.   

On display at the Bauhaus.Atelier | Info Shop Café are the newest releases by the University Press, e.g. publications about the Bauhaus and recent subject-related literature. The shop also offers innovative souvenirs, created by designers who study and work at the university. The Bauhaus.Atelier hopes to continue growing as a sales platform for products made by our students and alumni. The café offers visitors a warm atmosphere and excellent coffee, and is also the starting point for the Bauhaus Walk.

The Brendel Studio belongs to the ensemble of Bauhaus-period buildings which were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. As a result of recent construction work at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the redesigned space behind the main building, the glass edifice stands free on all four sides for the first time since 1914. With its renovation complete, it is now situated at the heart of the university's main campus.