Tag der Lehre on 30 May 2018

Contribute ideas, get inspired and take away new ideas. Find space for dialogue and reflection. Engage in conversation and develop contacts. 

The Tag der Lehre is a platform for discourse, presentations and experiments on all aspects of study and teaching at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. All students and doctoral candidates as well as faculty and staff of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are cordially invited to participate actively in the programme. In addition, Tag der Lehre serves as an impetus for the upcoming Bauhaus semester 2018/19.

Your ideas are needed

We invite all those interested in teaching to present visions of good teaching and concepts for teaching/learning projects. Take advantage of this chance to promote your projects, attract collaborators and find funding opportunities. You can choose from a variety of formats - and students can also make a student pitch. We welcome submissions that offer

  • Impetus for the further development of studies and teaching at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar,
  • Examples of successful teaching/learning projects or
  • Concepts for teaching/learning projects in the Bauhaus Semester.

The coordination team is looking forward to your submissions. Contact us or send us your idea! Please use the »My idea« form in the download area. We will contact you for further planning and help you to implement your ideas.

Programme for 30 May 2018

1:00 p.m.Opening & Impulse
2:15 p.m.Blitzlicht
3:15 p.m.Market
4.15 p.m.Blitzlicht
5:30 p.m.Workshop
7:00 p.m.Wrap-up and Assembly

What are the formats?

We welcome your impetus for the Bauhaus semester or an example of a successful teaching/learning project. For impulse we are looking for concise views on the following possible questions:

  • How should a semester under the banner of the B100 jubilee be structured?
  • What are the social questions facing the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar today, and which research fields and thematic focuses are seeking to answer them?
  • Which existing fields of study and teaching communities need to be strengthened and made visible; which ones need rethinking?

Your example of successful teaching or successful study shows innovative formats, ways to achieve cross-disciplinary and inter-faculty studies or imaginative connections between teaching, research and art.

Idea: reflection and projection
Format: short talk (maximum 10 minutes)
Invited to participate: students and academic staff

Blitzlicht offers a look at the upcoming Bauhaus semester. A presentation of your teaching/learning project in a short lecture is welcome. . This gives you the opportunity to express your wishes for collaborators or support. Blitzlicht thus offers insight into selected workshop topics.

Idea: insight and inspiration
Format: short talk (maximum 10 minutes)
Invited to participate: students and academic staff

We welcome your offers to support and promote studies and teaching during the Bauhaus semester and beyond. You can also present your project idea in the form of a poster at a booth and explore collaborative endeavours. 

Idea: overview and acquisition
Format: info booth and poster
Invited to participate: students, academic staff, and employees

Does your idea for a course or a teaching/learning project fit in well with the Bauhaus semester, but still need a bit more time to mature?  Then take the opportunity to exchange views and help others in a workshop setting. In up to 90 minutes you can develop your idea in a small group with other interested participants and find the right partners. 

Idea: development and dialogue
Format: working group (flexible length, maximum 90 minutes)
Invited to participate: students, academic staff, and employees

We want to work with you to plan the Bauhaus semester. The results from the workshop will be presented and, ideally, placed within the semester. The Bauhaus semester will thus emerge piece by piece. 

Idea: preparation and vision
Format: discussion and visualisation
Invited to participate: all participants