»I came to see a museum and I found a school« Leonard R. Bacich, Pratt Institut N. Y.

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is a university which, though proud of its illustrious tradition, is not afraid to forge ahead! And to work! And to produce! Some of the results are on display for sale at the Bauhaus.Atelier.

The shop at the visitor information centre is not only a sales room for souvenirs, clothing, books and mementos, but also a platform for innovative products, created by the designers at our university. Their diversity reflects the creative, unconventional and multifaceted profile of the university.

With your purchase, you help our promising artists and designers continue producing their series. Fascination leads to purchase, and purchase leads to participation. Be it the designer, the product, or the customer – they are all part of one process.

We invite you to stop by our visitor and information centre, the Bauhaus.Atelier | Info Shop Café or visit our online shop.

Let’s Bauhaus!

Books in the Bauhaus.Atelier (Photo: Tristan Vostry)
Photo: Tristan Vostry