summaery2021: Projects

Gröninger Hof – A complementary design research project

Project information

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Professur Entwerfen und Wohnungsbau

Aaron Amend, Catherine Arend, Hannah Aßmann-Staudt, Lotte Becher, Jasmin Min Chu, Hannah Essigkrug, Carlotta Emde, Yin Fu, Frédéric-Philipp Habermann, Alisha Hauk, Charlotte Henschel, Stefanie Huthöfer, Jiyoung In, Maren Jürging, Igor Klyus, Hannah Langels, Leonie Link, Caroline Lischke, Jonas Maczioschek, Vincent Mank, Valentina Mayer-Steudte, Jonas Musil, Oliver Mysch, Jannik Petry, Emilie Pöpl, Andra Quante, Benedikt Radloff, Benjamin Schönewolf, Calvin Schwabe, Gerda Seidelmann, Linh Tran, Anna Wagner

Verena von Beckerath, Till Hoffmann, Hanna Schlösser

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)),
Architecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2021

Genossenschaft Gröninger Hof eG i. Gr.

Project description

What floor plans and spatial configurations must be conceived in order to facilitate healthy and green living in a former multi-storey car park in Hamburg’s city centre, which is being developed by a cooperative on a leasehold basis?

How can the actual place be considered a spatial-social unit in the context of a supportive community? How can it develop cultural ties to its environs and act as a model project with an impact on urban society?

What structural, material and aesthetic qualities does the existing building have for the project to tie in with? Which of these should be developed in order to create a sustainable and beautiful building?

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