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Nature in Motion: (non-)local dye lab

Project information

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Beatriz Oria Lombardía

Prof. Dr. Jan S. Willmann, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra R. Toland, M.A. Susann Paduch, M.A. Michael Braun

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Productdesign (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Type of project presentation
– Other –

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Freifläche 1 / outside 1 (zwischen Hauptgebäude, M18 und Campus.Office))
    (++ACHTUNG NEUE VERANSTALTUNGSORT++ Vor M18, auf die Sommerküche)

Project description

How can design perspectives and methodologies help understand and deal with the ecological issue of invasive alien plant species?

As part of my master's thesis, I am exploring creative biomass revaluation opportunities in a regional context as a way to help slow down spread, raise awareness of the topic, reflect on changing ecosystems, and question our role within them.

During the summary, a workshop/demonstration will be held, where visitors can experience and learn about textile dyeing with two alien plant species considered invasive in Thuringia. This is meant to arouse interest in the controversial matter and serve as an impulse to discuss bigger topics like biodiversity loss, environmental responsibility, migration, and globalisation.

Exhibition Location / Event Location


(non-)local dye lab Nature in Motion: (non-)local dye lab

During the workshop / demonstration, visitors can experience hands-on textile dyeing with the neophytes Japanese knotweed (fallopia japonica) and multi-leaved lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus). We will come into conversation about the controversial issue of invasiveness and exchange views on bigger topics such as biodiversity loss, environmental responsibility, migration and globalisation. Round #1 12:00-14:00h Round #2 16:00-18:00h

  • Begin: 12:00 pm
  • End: 18:00 pm

  • Freifläche 3 / outside 3 (zwischen VDV und Amalienstraße 13), am Auge
  • Location: am Auge