summaery2022: Projects


Project information

submitted by
Vasili Macharadze

Pablo Silva Saray

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
MediaArchitecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation
Research project

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude / Main Building
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude / Main Building

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Project description

Our growing technological condition became the main concern of the contemporary philosophy, what eventually has brought an immense amount of interesting questions and appealing hypotheses. The perspectives for the further theoretical excavation is still vast, but instead the project tries to take a more empirical approach to the topic, and to comprehend our technological relation by the means of the practical experimentation with those techniques.

The need to observe the self from a side (as a reflection in a mirror, or as a video record) is an essential part of our everyday life, thus of our individuation and socialisation. Indeed, practices of the self-observation and self-cultivation seems quite fundamental to the conception of the human subject. This is the reason perhaps why in many 3D video games the option of “the third person view” is mostly preferred to the more conventional “the first person view”, to which we are biologically bound to. The new view from above introduced in the virtual realities, can offer a more objective understanding of ourselves, and can play an essential role in the further formation of individuality and society. And to reveal and articulate this conceived potentiality of the new media is the objective to be achieved by the project.

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