summaery2022: Projects

Lightweight Transport Scenarios / topology-optimized passenger and freight transport for a car-free city

Project information

submitted by
Niklas Hamann

Filippo Magini, Anna Viktorija Babic, Aaron Leonard Merten, Elisa Bessega, Camelia Morosan-Scurtu, Esther Philippa Betz, Caroline Nüesch, Sylvia Chen, Pascal Simon Stappen, Iva Mago Maria Coskun, Alina Warsinsky, Linus Karl Enzmann, Johannes Weigelt, Johanna Huse, Helene Sophia Krause, Leopold Kürschner, Marie Emilie Ingrid Kurstjens

Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend, Dr.-Ing. Andreas Karguth, Niklas Hamann M.A., Moritz Neuner M.A.

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)),
Productdesign (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7 - Van-de-Velde-Bau
    (Raum 006 + Raum 007)
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7 - Van-de-Velde-Bau
    (Raum 006 + Raum 007)

Project description

We show our designed proposals for inner-city passenger and cargo transportation. The aim of the designs is the innovative design of cargo bikes, trikes, bikes, mini-trucks, boards, trailers, etc. Lightweight construction as well as fatigue strength play a decisive role in vehicle design for the acceptance of the solutions. We combine conceptual design with bionic topology optimization. Therefore the bionic "soft kill option" method according to Claus Mattheck is used. In the affiliated technical course, the students were enabled to independently simulate bionic optimizations with Rhinoceros 3D and the specially created Grasshopper algorithms.