summaery - the annual exhbition

SUMMÆRY – since 2007, students and teachers from all four faculties have been presenting their projects from the current academic year together at the annual exhibition of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. "Summer" and "summary" are not only components of the name, they also determine the spirit of the event, which traditionally takes place at the end of the lecture period.

Visit the websites of the past years, rediscover your favorite projects or browse through pictures and impressions from 14 years of summaery.

Motto: summaery2020 remote
Faculty: Civil Engineering
Design: Hannes Naumann and Rhoda Herold

Motto: Gib mir (D)ein B
Faculty: Architectur and Urbanism
Design: Eric Jentzsch

Motto: Zwitschermaschinen
Faculty: Media
Design: Hannah Meyer and Martin Schuchardt

Faculty: Art and Design
Design: Carolin Klemm and Eric Jentzsch

Faculty: Civil Engineering
Design: Elisabeth Pichler and Verena Kalser

Motto: Footprint
Faculty. Architectur and Urbanism
Design: Luise Nerlich

Motto: Circle of Life
Faculty: Media
Design: Katharina Bonk, Arvid Neid, Nelina Kraycheva and Eric Birnbaum 

Motto: The spot to be
Faculty: Art and Design
Design: Josef Janáč, Verena Kalser and Elisabeth Pichler

Motto: Brücken bauen
Faculty: Civil Engineering
Design: Franziska Jähnke

Faculty: Architecture
Design: Cissy Hecht

Faculty: Media

Motto: Alles Gute
Faculty: Art and Design
Design: Bill Schulz, Henrike Hiersig and Sebastian Schichel


Design: Christiane Hempel


Design: Maria Einhorn