summaery2019: Projects


Project information

submitted by
Timm Burkhardt

Alexander Dominik Jürs, Clemens Richard Martin Rusche, Dyota Prawatya Harmunanto, Hendrik Thomberg, Jan Philipp Schneider, Jason Wolfgang Seifert, Johanna Auburger, Johannes Moritz Schütz, Kai Thomas Strauss, Kathleen Aiguobas, Lea Matuschzyk, Leo Stolte, Lukas Hopp, Sarah Riedmann, Valentin Maximilian Leon Hofmann

Prof. Wolfgang Sattler, Dipl.Des Timm Burkhardt, M.Sc. Kristian Gohlke

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation
– Other –

Summer semester 2020

Project description

Paradoxes are required:
We're supposed to support each other by keeping our distance -
we're supposed to help each other by stopping it from getting close.

In the context of "proximity and distance", interaction scenarios and mobility concepts are questioned.

The wheel has been reinvented daily for more than 6000 years, and usually it remains round.

As an energy- or material-saving design principle, it forms the basis for a wide range of variants and applications that move everything.

Starting from real application scenarios (social distancing, micro- and macro-mobility, the transition between indoors and outdoors, near and far, fast and slow, individual traffic and mass mobility, loads and vices, resources and routines, rollers and caterpillars, time and space, commuting and pilgrimage) - the project participants develop new perspectives which are tested and experienced in functional prototypes.

The resulting solutions will be based on the interplay of universal design, user experience, socio-economic sustainability and the fun of the vehicle.

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